Hybrid Shorts

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If you are looking for some practical shorts that dry easily and performs as well on land then in the water, our men’s hybrid short selection will be perfect for you. From comfort and performance to water repellant coating and quick-drying fabric, our men’s hybrid shorts can do it all.
Your next adventure won’t be the same with a new pair of men’s hybrid shorts, it will be so much better! Explore with no worries from landscape to water falls and more with their stretch fabric, durable water resistance and pocket on the side and on the back for your phone, wallet, or any other essentials you need. You won't even need a backpack!
Add a tank top, t-shirt, or even a long-sleeve shirt and go from the sea to the city with their lightweight, quick-drying feel that will never weigh you down. Every environment will become your best friend with a pair of men’s hybrid shorts. Offering a timeless look and multipurpose design, they are the perfect mix between boardshorts and the classic & casual everyday shorts. Men’s hybrid shorts are the ultimate all-purpose item to add in your suitcase for all your next travel and adventures.